Aditi Kumari
30 Nov, 2:27 PM
A food item named after the beautiful princess Mastani. Any guesses? No, we are not talking about Bajirao ki Mastani but hang on if you are looking for connection among them! Dive into the article now.

Started in 1966, Sujata Mastani is a very famous place for a concoction of ice cream, with thick flavoured milkshakes added with fruits / dry fruits. It uses a traditional French Pot Method for creating a savoured and delightful ice-cream experience.

The name Mastani was coined from Bajirao’s Mastani, resembling Mastani’s beauty and elegance.

Mastani is available in popular flavours of vanilla, chocolate, mango, pineapple, butterscotch etc. However, there are also seasonal flavours like Custard apple, Strawberry and yes Mango etc. Mixed well with dry fruits like cashew, pistachio, saffron etc. The most special category is hybrids of all the above.

Offered in two sizes of glasses either half or fully served with fluid and scoop of ice cream. To help you eat and drink, the glass comes with a plastic spoon and a straw. Tissue paper is available on request. 

WHERE:  It's the most famous ice cream brand now and you can find it almost in all major parts of Pune. However, Sadashiv Peth is the main outlet if you are looking for authentic taste.

TIMING: 10:30am to 11:30 pm

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