Devyani Edlabadkar
30 Nov, 3:04 PM
“Mastani Talav” - A lake which has been in existence since 300 years.

I am sure that you have heard various stories about Bajirao Peshwe and his second wife, Mastani and also about her residence. 

Mastani Talav is a lake situated near Dive Ghat on the Pune-Saswad Road. 
The lake was previously known as Wadki Talav. 
Some of the locals say that the lake was frequently visited by Peshwe Bajirao and his second wife, Mastani while they went on their horseback rides. Stories are that they used to spend some peaceful time here and take a swim as well.

Most interesting fact - 
After the demise of Peshwe Bajirao and Mastani, the construction of the walls that he had begun was continued and the walls are still intact even after 300 years of construction. 
The lake is surrounded by hills on three sides and the walls all around the lake make it look like a pond. The place has two temples as well.

This lake was overlooked until the Metropolitan Region Development Authority decided to remove silt that was formed over the years and fill up the lake to at least 25% of its capacity. This decision has helped the locals and solved issues of water supply as well.

The beautiful lake is one of the must-visit places in Pune and can be a perfect location for camping, one-day picnics or even to spend a few hours with your loved ones away from the sprawling and bustling city.

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