Mithilesh Rokade
01 Dec, 12:23 AM
How a Vadapav has resulted in Women Empowerment. Read to find out

It's our journey of 30 years, where New Annapurna was found just to encourage women to participate in cooking activities. We, a group of 6 women working since many years, have won hearts and the trust of our consumers.

"We got strong hold on making Vadapavs back in late 90's and then, we never saw back."

Here, we don't have any post or positions, we just keep our work rolling by helping each other which has created a sense of respect and equality in us. 

The best part about these rules and protocols is that it has given us the fame and 'New Annapurna' has now become the new face of women empowerment in our locality.

People sometimes complain, why we sell one Vadapav for ₹20, while others are selling it at ₹12 - ₹15 ? 

We never answered their questions and just suggested them to taste it once. 

What we saw? The same customers coming back next time smiling, ordering 4 more Vadapavs!

Tags: food, Pune
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