Jitendra Maid
01 Dec, 6:27 PM
Operation Kitten!

Kothrud, 1st: On Srikant Dhole's terrace in Rambagh Colony, the cat gave birth to many kittens, which he used to play with all day. While playing, a kitten slipped into a pipe carrying rainwater from the terrace. He slipped and got stuck somewhere in the middle. Frightened, the puppies began to cry. As the puppies were constantly screaming, the Dhole family realized that something had happened to the puppies. While searching, they noticed that the pig was stuck in a pipe. Now the only way to get the pig out was to cut the pipe. And for that, too, the right plumber was needed.
He said goodbye on WhatsApp and social media after calling an acquaintance plumber and saying it was useless. A plumber came to use it. He first broke the pipe from the terrace to the bathroom. Then he broke the bidet pipe in the area from the bathroom to the floor, noticing that the kitten was still stuck in the elbow between the chamber and the pipe. It had a ten thousand liter tank. First she emptied the tank and then. And that cute kitten of the cat came out safely.

Tags: ऑपरेशन मनी,News
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