Aditi Kumari
01 Dec, 11:36 PM
Are you looking for any kind of puja materials from Agarbatti, Dhoop to Attar and so on? Then head straight to this shop and you will surely leave satisfied.

Enchanting and alluring the lanes of Pune ever since 1872 with exotic fragrances. Damodardas Bhagwandas Sugandhi is a 150 years old perfumer who loves to paint a scent for you from their palette by analysing organic & synthetic fragrances.

Their incense is made from pure and natural ingredients which contain natural oils from flower petals, herbs, spices, gum, resin and sandalwood powder etc. These are blended by hand with precise formulas which remain a family secret to them.

They not only sell in India but also export fragrances in the form of Attar, Agarbatti, essential oil and scents which are most enjoyed by their patrons across the world.

All the products are 100% made from natural organic contents.

ADDRESS: Damodardas Bhagwandas Sugandhi

761, Raviwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

CONTACT: 020 2443 3188

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