Dilip Kurhade
02 Dec, 2:39 PM
Shahdawal Baba Dargah - a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity

Shahdawal Baba Dargah is a historical Dargah on the Deccan College Road on the banks of Yerawada-Mula-Mutha river. Baba is the tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Latif Mehmood Chishti. Adhering to Mughal architecture, the tomb has a beautiful domed structure. It is well known as Dargah. Here, garlands of Mogra flowers are offered on Baba's mother's grave and turban is offered on Baba's grave. Hazrat Mukamul Abdullah was Baba's first caliph (disciple). His thirtieth generation (Akhil Sheikh) is now serving here.

Ashrafi was initially getting from the Mughal Empire for the lamp of Shahdawal Baba Dargah. This tradition was followed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Peshwa and the British. At present, the District Collector's Office gives a gift of Rs. 2 per month for diya lighting. Shahdawal Baba Dargah is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity.

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