Dilip Kurhade
02 Dec, 2:42 PM
Bad condition of Mahatma Phule (Bundgarden) open hall

Mahatma Phule 'Art Plaza' on Bundgarden Bridge was developed by the Pune Municipal Corporation at a cost of Rs.1 crore. The 800-foot-long bridge adorns decorative floor patterns, seating arrangements, display work, pathways, flower beds, etc. The drawings and designing of the project was done with the help of Bharti University's College of Architecture. The Archaeological Department of the Municipal Corporation had said that there would be spots for photography, art exhibitions, art and craft fairs, flower shows, lectures, music etc.
But none of this happened. Instead, millions of rupees were spent on repairing the bridge. However, a large number of grasses and shrubs have grown on the bridge along with Banyan and Peepal trees.

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