Aditi Kumari
02 Dec, 4:55 PM
Looking for a budget and pocket-friendly meal?

Huge burgers, generous mayo, low prices and great taste make it a great deal. One burger that is enough to satisfy your cravings. This place is always packed to its capacity irrespective of the time of day/week you visit it. For all its worth, given proportions, and their size, the cost is absolutely nothing.

Pune has its own local Burger King located in Camp, Pune. The original Burger King is what they call it, as back then KFC & McD didn't exist.

While the orders are competently prepared, the options are straightforward— burgers, fries and drinks. If you are in Pune, and looking for a fast-food quick-fix, you know now where you can get a great complete burger meal.

Tags: ,Food
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