Prayaga Hoge
02 Dec, 5:37 PM
The crow flew again after 9 hours

Youngsters from Shaktinagar in Kavade Rasta rescued a crow trapped in a nylon net. The feathers and legs were stuck in a nylon net on an eucalyptus tree here. About nine hours later, the crow was released safely.

At around 6 a.m. on wdnesday, the crow got caught in a nylon net stuck to an eucalyptus tree. Local youths tried to save his life. But failed and hence, arranged for help. The crow was released at about two o'clock in the afternoon.

"Since this morning, we have contacted the fire brigade, bird friends, local councilors and many others but no one has come to our aid," said Rohit Gawli. In the end, we managed to get rid of the crow. For nine hours he was hanging upside down on a tree and we felt very bad hearing his voice and witnessing his pain. So we all tried and set him free.

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