Pravin Doke
02 Dec, 7:13 PM
Falling prices due to increased inflows of old onions

The arrival of old onions has increased in the last few days in the market committees and sub-markets across the state. Due to increase in onion prices, many farmers had stockpiled onions. But the new onion season is set to begin in the next few days. As a result, the price of old onions, which had been booming for a month, has come down due to farmers sending old onions to the market.

New onions coming into the market will be dried. Therefore, the grading of new onions is going to be good. And hence, old onions will not be in high demand in the future. Onion trader Riteish Poman said that onions are being sent for sale. The new onions were badly damaged by torrential rains two months ago. The new onion seedlings were carried to the field. Farmers planted new onions in such conditions. The new onion crop is in hand and the new onion is being dried in Shivara. So next week will see a massive influx of new onions.

Quotes -
It was speculated that old onions would fetch higher rates after Diwali. Onions were expected to fetch Rs 100 per kg. Old onions, which used to be sold at Rs 50-70 per kg in the wholesale market before Diwali, are now being sold at Rs 25-35 per kg.
- Riteish Poman, Onion Trader, Market Yard

Price of 10 kg of onion in the wholesale market according to the grade
New onion - 250 to 330 rupees per kg
Old onion - 250 to 350 rupees per kg

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