Karina Rupani
03 Dec, 1:24 AM
Mountain Dry Fruits Spices: Dry Fruits, Spices, Mumra Fresh From Kashmir

Before the abolishment of Article 370, Suhas Surdi, the owner of Mountain Dry Fruits Spices didn't have the opportunity to get into a contract or further develop his business in an open market. However, and fortunately so, post that, they decided to enter the retail market from their 10-15 years of wholesale business in Kashmir. Having Maharashtrian ties, they chose to do as such in the city of Pune and what other area could be as good as in the core of Pune, Laxmi Road!

Interestingly, they have their own contract farm in Kashmir, where they grow walnuts, Kashmiri mumra, almonds and process and export saffron.

They have items such as dry Fruits, spices, berries, saffron, healthy nuts, honey, etc. Additionally, they have an online store through which you can place your orders.

Tags: Food,Business
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