Karina Rupani
03 Dec, 1:34 AM
Katraj Jain Temple: Beauty, Tranquillity & Ancient Jainism Literature

Built in the twentieth century on a hillock between the Pune – Satara highway, Katraj Jain Temple, is a place of worship where peace and serenity are the most prevailing forces. The temple is known for its beauty, tranquillity and the importance it holds towards Jainism and ancient Jainism literature.

The temple has numerous little temples encompassing the principle one and a Jal temple encompassed by water. The fundamental temple is the place where the idol of Mahavir, that is 12 ft tall and weighs 5 tonnes, sits and is comprised of Panchadhatus. 48 Aagams are engraved in the external sanctum of the temple and are open for individuals to read, comprehend and learn. Additionally, the temple has a Dharamshala (is accessible just for individuals of Jain community) with many facilities and furthermore a Bhojanalaya.

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