Karina Rupani
03 Dec, 1:42 AM
National Film Archive of India - The National Custodian for Preservation of Audio-Visual Heritage

Established in 1964, National Film Archive of India (NFAI) is set up by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting with an essential target of obtaining and protecting Indian cinematic heritage. NFAI is focused on securing, preservation, restoration and dissemination of India’s socio-cultural legacy. Its document keeps a load of movies, video tapes, DVDs, books, press clippings, sound CDs, and circle records of Indian film going back to the 1910s

NFAI regularly teams up with public and global establishments to advance Indian film as well as to bring world film home as film celebrations, classes and workshops. It recently facilitated the closing ceremoy of Pune International Film Festival other than additionally being one of the venues of its film screening. 


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