Dilip Kurhade
03 Dec, 4:11 PM
Thackeraysi Water tank leak

Yerawada : The 57 lakh liter capacity Thackeray water tank on Parnakuti hill has been leaking since last year. It has not been repaired yet. Two square water tanks with a capacity of 57 lakh liters were constructed on Parnakuti hill in 1985. Twelve years ago, another water tank with a capacity of 2.5 million liters was built next to this tank. This tank supplied water to Wadgaon Sheri area. At present, another circular tank with a capacity of 3 million liters of water is being constructed. The old tank will be shut down as soon as the work is completed, water supply officials said. However, it is seen that the use of dangerous water tank is in hand.

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