Devyani Edlabadkar
04 Dec, 2:55 AM
It’s time to refill your jars and celebrate International Cookie Day!

The International Cookie Day is celebrated on 4th December every year all around the globe. Even though the cookies are said have originated in Persia back in the 7th century, the cookie day was internationally recognised because of Matt Nader of the Blue Chip Cookie Company of San Francisco in 1987.  He said, “It’s a fun thing to do, just like having National Secretaries Day!”

Why should someone celebrate cookie day, you ask?

Simply because cookies are the easiest to make and perfect to go with every meal. It will allow you to spend some quality time with your family, try your hand at baking and add some fun to your monotonous lifestyle!

So pick up your gloves and get baking and if you don't have the time to get around that, then stay tuned to get an idea of where you can buy some flavourful delicious variety cookies from.

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