04 Dec, 1:45 PM
Ban light vehicles from Harris Bridge
Pune : Work is underway on a rocky metro station in the area between Harris Bridge and CAFD. For this, the road has been closed from Friday (Thu. 4) for light vehicles going to Pune from Bopodi Chowk on the old Mumbai-Pune highway. The Transport Branch has appealed to the concerned vehicles to use the alternative route.

 That is the change
  •  Light vehicles like two wheelers, rickshaws, cars, tempos going from Bopodi Chowk to Pune city on the old Mumbai-Pune highway will be banned. Concerned vehicles should turn in front of Star Hotel at Khadki Railway Station and proceed to Khadki Bazar Ganpati Mandir on Mahatma Gandhi Road. From there, turn right onto MSEB and Business Center, turn right and go from CAFD Circle in front of Supply Depot to Church Chowk.
  • Heavy vehicles like PMPL buses, ST buses, trucks can go straight on the old Mumbai-Pune road.
  • No change has been made for vehicles going from Pune to Mumbai.
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