Mithilesh Rokade
04 Dec, 7:14 PM
A life filled with pride and glory, the life of a Naval NCC cadet : Indian Navy Day

My name is Sonali Kumari, Ex- Cadet Captain, FC Naval NCC Div- 05.

As they rightly say, with great power comes great responsibility. Being a SW cadet captain of FC NAVAL NCC, it was a golden opportunity that only few get to bag. I was not just a face of my own name, but the name and honour of my entire division. Few hands to applaud and more to point out consequences of every single decision that I made gathered a variety of opinions. For me the task was to lead while being one amongst them. I always stood up for what I felt right and did my duty with loyalty. The uniform that was earned by me that I sported, was the uniform rightly deserved, with pride and no arrogance. I wasn't just a lady cadet anymore, but a cadet captain. I got to ride the ship that cruised overwhelming sea of emotions of boundless joy, through out my journey . I went through the mixed emotions that had confidence, ride over challenging waves, tides high and low alike but I emerged like a warrior. Here I developed leadership and officer like qualities required for the Indian Navy as well as for all other Defense Forces. 

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