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Want to manage money, then read on
Pune: Due to lack of proper knowledge on how to manage money properly for women family members and children, ordinary citizens are not able to avail various investment options despite having money. At the same time, 'Miss Selling' is a very serious form of lack of information on investment matters. With this in mind, Sakal Money has organized an online workshop on 'Money Management' organized by the American Academy of Financial Management India (AAFM). Importantly, this workshop is completely free.
Sakal Money has carried out a number of public awareness campaigns on 'Miss Selling' in the investment sector. The workshop is being organized in collaboration with the American Academy of Financial Management India as part of this initiative. Sakal Money is the media sponsor of this initiative. Primarily, female members of the household and children are unaware of the proper management of money. Therefore, the ordinary citizen is in financial dilemma as he is the only one who invests hard and has no idea about it. In this context, the workshop on 'Money Management' is of special importance. Through the online workshop, all the members of the family will be able to take the lessons of 'Money Management'.

What will you learn in the workshop?
1) What and how to talk about money management with children?
2) How to develop proper money management habits in children?
3) How to live a happy life even in low income or inconsistency in income?
4) What should be done to prevent the time for your loved ones to compromise financially?

To avail this workshop for free, message 'WhatsApp' to 74474 52339.
Date of the workshop: 6 December 2020
Hours: 12 noon to 2:30 p.m.

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