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04 Dec, 9:09 PM
Basil, mint, fenugreek tea in the market yard

Basil, mint, fenugreek tea in the market yard
Market Yard, Tal. 3: Tea is the morning tonic ... Tea is the friendship of friends ... and tea is the talk of the town! ... Laying the groundwork for a new taste for tea lovers. Overcoming the perception of old tea tastes, many tea flavors have helped create new entrepreneurs by encouraging tea traders in the city. The positive effect of this is that this health-promoting tea is becoming a favorite of traders as farmers, shoppers and others get up and sit down to trade in the market yard every day.

Tea varieties like Tandoori Tea, Basundi Tea, Jaggery Tea, English Breakfast Tea are being marketed on an experimental basis. Brands that come to the market at the level of taste, on the one hand, and on the other hand, in the market yard, but the trend of black, lemon, basil, mint, fenugreek vegetables, which are considered healthy, continues. The specialty of these teas is that along with the taste of the tea, health is also given priority. According to market traders, the tonic not only improves health but also reduces bile problems.

Previously, tea was limited to traditional methods. Until now, only tea powder companies used to compete in the tea sector, but now the competition for tea brands has increased in the market. In this, a variety of tea brands are becoming popular among tea lovers. Due to increasing demand, sugar and sugar-free tea is made to order. The overwhelming response from customers is important to increase the love for the business, said tea trader Kamlakar Gore.
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How to make tea:
Mint, basil, fenugreek are the only methods of making this type of tea. When making this tea, first boil water. Then add tea powder in water and bring to boil. After boiling the mixture, boil the standard mixture of mint, basil and fenugreek for a certain period of time.
Tea is harmful to health so many people do not drink tea. In such cases, customers prefer black tea, lemon tea, basil, mint, fenugreek, etc. to satisfy their craving for tea. 15 for different types of special tea and Rs. 20 for coffee. All other types of cutting tea are being charged at Rs 5, while full tea is being charged at Rs 10.
- Krishnadev Narale, driver, Narale tea stall.

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