04 Dec, 9:55 PM
Be careful, it is getting cold in Pune
Pune: In just four days, hail has increased in Pune. Meanwhile, the minimum temperature dropped by 6.3 degrees Celsius. Therefore, there was a picture of fire burning again in Pune. The minimum temperature in the city dropped to 11.9 degrees Celsius by 8.30 am on Friday, the meteorological department said.
The last few days have been cloudy due to the cyclonic conditions that have formed in the Bay of Bengal. As a result, daytime mercury was lower, while nighttime mercury was higher. The minimum temperature rose by 5.5 degrees Celsius above average to 18.2 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. After that, the mercury was gradually declining. The hail was rising in the air every night. For the first time in the last few days, the minimum temperature fell below average. The meteorological department recorded a low of 0.5 degrees Celsius below the minimum temperature on Friday.
The hailstorm will continue for the next two days. The minimum temperature will be recorded at 12 to 13 degrees Celsius as the sky will be mostly clear. The effects of cold winds from the north are likely to increase again, meteorologists said.

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