Mithilesh Rokade
05 Dec, 5:35 PM
Urvara vs Usara

Let's know about ancient soils on the occasion of World Soil Day. 

In India, soil has been classified since the ancient period although there’s a significant difference as per modern scientific classifications. When in ancient times, the classifications were based on only two things; Whether the soil is fertile or sterile and they were named as, 'Urvara' and 'Usara', respectively. In 1956, Soil Survey of India was established and they studied in depth about the soils found in India.

What types of soil are found in India?
Alluvial soil is the soil which is found in large number i.e 43%. Other than that, Red soil is 18.5% and Black soil is 15% and various other types of soil are found on a smaller scale


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