Mithilesh Rokade
06 Dec, 12:24 AM
This dry fruit shop is all set to make your home made sweets more alluring

My name is Suresh Desai.

A Gujarat predicated business of Dry fruit, I cogitated spreading our connection in Pune city market. When I came in 2017, I  commenced the business of dry fruit over here on Sinhagad Road. Thanks to the other retailers and shopkeepers of our community that they already availed me and my family to establish our business afore coming to Pune. It's been 3 years now and I have 2500-3000 customers of this area and I supply my product to virtually every component of Pune city. 

How did I prosper in achieving such a great number of customers? 
I came to Pune with a different a plan. For me, it was not just about dry fruits which every one kenned, people verbally express that, it's all about Almond and Cashew nuts, but it's not just that. I brought the variety such as Brazil Nuts, Dry Apricot, syrups and juices which were sold so infrequently in my area. The plan is to take this business to next level by integrating more household items. I always auricularly discern what customers want and if that's not in my shop, next time it is integrated to the list and now people are more surprised when they visually perceive something more just that Dry Fruits.

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