Mithilesh Rokade
06 Dec, 12:36 AM
A woman's unparalleled love for her man, a woman who has gracefully accepted life's challenges and yet adorns the brightest smile, want to know who she is? Read the full article

One day I planned to run away from all my problems because of depression and frustration that me and my family was facing. I just took my purse and carried some of my last savings in it and I left my home. I didn't know where I was going at that moment as I was struggling with the thoughts that were ramming in my mind and eventually I reached to Fergusson College, the college where I work today. 

Since many years I'm working at Fergusson College as housekeeping, but my main business is selling Tea to the college staff and the day when I was running away from my past and my home, I cried when I stopped my legs at the main building of Fergusson college and then laughed at it because I took the regular route to do such a stupid act of running away. It happened 3 years ago and I still laugh at it.

10 years back my husband got paralyzed and the case was critical because he lost the connection from the brain. It was hard for me to gulp the hardest truth that my husband was never going to be okay, it was like sentencing myself to a life time punishment. I always wondered, why it all happened to me, why me? I didn't do anything wrong, I never cursed anybody, I never got any solutions to sedate my thoughts. The only way to escape from this emergency was to go through the wildfire.

Now I was left with a job of housekeeping, 2 kids to educate and a paralyzed husband. One day I got so emotionally frustrated when I was on a routine check up for my husband, the doctor solaced me by saying that I should consider my husband as my 3rd child and start looking after him accordingly. I looked after his proper hygiene and regularly cleaned him myself, provided proper medication even it wasn't affordable for me, but I did it for him. 

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