Ashok Gavhane
06 Dec, 12:57 PM
Bad condition of boundary wall at Rajas Society Chowk

The boundary wall near Rajas Society Chowk on Katraj-Kondhwa road has deteriorated. At the same time, ward no. Ambil stream is flowing from Nanasaheb Peshwa lake in 38D and Katraj Gujarwadi hill. The gutter for carrying sewage from this stream is narrow and the sewage does not fit in the gutter. Every year during the rainy season, water comes on this road and the citizens suffer. Therefore, the Pragati Foundation has demanded the administration to take precautionary measures and increase the width and height of the culvert as soon as possible.

For the last seven to eight months, he has been continuously following up with the concerned department officials and meeting them directly regarding the widening of the boundary walls and widening of the culvert. But work on the boundary wall has not yet begun.

- Symbol Steps, Progress Foundation

Approval has been given for widening of Kalvat and its work will be done by the road department.

- Jagdish Khanore, Superintendent Engineer, Municipal Department

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