Sandip Jagdale
06 Dec, 1:49 PM
Sewage in Mula-Mutha canal in Vaiduwadi

Municipal Corporation has discharged sewage from Ramtekdi and Vaiduwadi in the new Mula-Mutha canal at Vaiduwadi in Hadapsar. As a result, canal water is getting polluted. The stench is spreading as a large amount of sewage is flowing directly into the canal. Therefore, environmentalists and locals have expressed their displeasure over the issue of health of citizens. Residents expect the municipal administration to take the necessary measures immediately. Citizen Sanjay Shelar said that the municipal sewage lines are becoming inadequate in this area. Many channels are faulty. As a result, a large amount of sewage from Ramtekdi and Vaiduwadi is being discharged into the canal. This problem can be solved if the Municipal Corporation installs new large diameter sewers in this area. Regarding this, Assistant Municipal Commissioner of Ramtekdi-Wanwadi Regional Office, Younus Pathan said, Necessary measures will be taken immediately after inspecting the place concerned.

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