Rajendrakrushna Kapse
06 Dec, 1:55 PM
Before sunrise, felt a reddish tinge in the sky

The month of December has started and after Diwali, it is getting cold again. As a result, the fog in the air has also increased. Due to this change in nature, a large number of people experienced various shades of red in the sky on Friday and Saturday morning, mainly before sunrise.

The city had temperatures of 11.9 to 12 degrees Celsius in the early hours of Friday and Saturday, while fog was high from 9 pm to 7 am. As a result, there was more frost in the cold. These changes in nature have different effects on the earth.

Fog in the air is a kind of cloud. It contains tiny dots of water or ice. These clouds are in the air above the earth's surface. It has a large crowd from the earth towards the sky. As a result, from a height, that is, a large mountain, nothing is visible from the ground above the building. Nothing beyond this shock can be seen.

These fog clouds are affected by wind and mountain slopes. Therefore, in the morning, just before sunrise, such colors are scattered in the sky, some experts said.

“On Thursday morning we went to Sinhagad. There was no such color in the sky at that time. But this morning we saw different shades of red, saffron, pink and yellow in the sky. ”

- Mohan Ogle, Warkari of Sinhagad

There was a scattering of red. It was a very different atmosphere. The mind was delighted to see different shades of red on a background of blue, black. His photographs have been taken. It also received a good response on social media. ”

- Sameer Jadhavrao, Sinhagad Group

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