Sandip Jagdale
06 Dec, 1:56 PM
Pay attention to the gate of Hadapsar

In the past, Hadapsar historical gate was very prominent. But today she is struggling to survive. Flax is officially planted at the gate, with shrubs growing on it. There are encroachments on the side of the gate. So it has been disfigured. Historians have demanded that Mahapilike should immediately renew the gate considering its dilapidated condition.

Citizen Sanjay Jadhav said that the gates of the village have been disfigured due to the installation of flex on the gates. Municipal Corporation takes action on unauthorized flex at any time. So this question remains. Wes is important, if not renewed, Wes will have to show up in the picture after a while. The grand bell hung in the decoration on this ten feet wide gate was the awakening of the village. The bell was also used as a warning signal. Now this bell has been moved to the temple. Municipal Corporation needs to take concrete action against those who deface the gate.

Historian Santosh Gore said that the gate of Hadapsar has historical significance. Even today, enduring the heat, rain and cold, this lofty gate stands with a stiff neck, bearing witness to 200 years of history. Preserving and nurturing this ancient artwork is a need of the hour. The gates of many villages around the city are now historic. But Hadapsar still has a huge 200-year-old wes. So

People's representatives and Municipal Corporation should pay attention

Corporator Yogesh Sasane said, "I tried to renovate the village gate and erect a statue of Shivaji Maharanja on it." Followed up with Municipal Corporation in this regard. However, the Municipal Corporation could not provide funds for the renovation of the statue. But I continue to pursue both.

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