Jagruti Kulkarni
06 Dec, 3:56 PM
Hingane-Anandvihar traffic jam

The internal road in Hingana is facing frequent traffic jams. It invites accidents. Therefore, citizens are demanding one-way transport in this area.

The road connecting Hingane Anandvihar is heavily congested. On the main Sinhagad road from Prakash Inamdar Chowk on the left to Vishrantinagar there are two roads on the other side. These roads are parallel to each other. One is on the side of Anandvihar Colony, while the other is known as an alternative to Sinhagad Road. In the evening these roads were heavily crowded. Therefore, the citizens have demanded that the road should be paved only up to Kalik.

This road should be paved only from Hingane Calicut to Vishrantinagar. The distance will be about four hundred meters. The canal road should be a road for the citizens to go to the main Sinhagad road, while there should be a road to return home from Anandvihar. Every day there is a huge traffic jam.

- Saurabh Jagtap, Professional Hingane

There are daily traffic jams and accidents in this area. Both the canal road and Anandvihar Colony road should be monolithic to Calicut. That is Anandnagar

And the citizens going to Manikbagh area will be able to turn back from Calicut to the left.

- Bapu Nibalkar, Head of Department, Shiv Sena

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