Harish Sharm
06 Dec, 5:19 PM
1800 corona patients in the Khadaki cantonment Zone

A total of 1,800 corona-infected patients have been admitted to the Khadki cantonment area so far, out of which 1,733 patients have recovered and returned home from the hospital. So far a total of 49 patients have died during treatment. During the intervening period there were zero corona patients in the rock. There are a total of 9 positive patients till December 5, Dr. Khadki Cantonment Board. 3 people are undergoing treatment at Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital. A total of 9 patients are in the treatment house out of 6 patients outside the cantonment boundary. A total of 27 patients from the range are being treated as 18 patients are being treated at other hospitals.

Tags: Health
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