Pravin Doke
06 Dec, 6:44 PM
Market committee opposes municipal bridge
Shivneri Road in Market Yard is owned by Bazar Samiti. It has been handed over to the Municipal Corporation only for maintenance and repair. A Y-shaped bridge is proposed from The Poona Merchants Chamber to Lunkad Food Shop. But Pune Municipal Corporation has not asked the market committee about this. The Pune Agricultural Produce Market Committee has taken a stand that the proposed bridge should be diverted straight towards Gangadham Chowk without diverting it to Shivneri Road.
As one side of the bridge will land on Shivneri Road, traffic congestion will increase. The business of the merchants will suffer. For this, the bridge should be extended straight to the PMP bus depot on Nehru Road without bringing it on Shivneri Road, 'said Administrator Madhukant Garad. This bridge extends up to 180 meters on Shivneri road. Extending it on this road will cause many business difficulties. Instead, the committee has submitted a letter to the municipal corporation demanding that the bridge be shifted to the PMP depot on Nehru Road or to Gangadham Chowk.
The bridge, which starts at Salisbury, will be lowered to the door of The Poona Merchants Chamber. As it is a Y-shaped bridge, it will be demolished on Shivneri Road owned by Bazar Samiti. An order has been issued for the work of that bridge. Work orders are also likely to be removed soon.
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