Aditi Kumari
06 Dec, 7:00 PM
Remembering the Father of Indian Constitution

Dr. BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR (14th April 1891- 6th Dec 1956)

Haven't you heard a famous quote from our beloved Babasaheb? - "Life should be great rather than long".

Dive into the article to know some quick facts about his life on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti.

1.    He owned the world largest personal library (at the time of his death). The number of books the doctor-owned was estimated to be around 50,000. That is, despite the sinking of a cargo ship transporting his books from England.

2.    The highest number of statues in the world is of Babasaheb.

3.    Ambedkar’s original name was Ambavadekar.

4.    Ambedkar was India’s first Law Minister.

5.    In the London School of Economics, Babasaheb completed 8 years of studies in just 2 years 3 months. For this, he studied 21 hours a day.

6.    Babasaheb is the first and only person in the world to receive a valuable doctorate named "Doctor All Science" from the London School of Economics.

7.    Dr Ambedkar was a great musician too. His favourite instruments were the tabla and violin.

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