Mahadeo Pawar
06 Dec, 7:28 PM
Respecting the common man

Ravi Patwardhan, a veteran actor in the Marathi film industry, tells the story of his journey from the series that once aired on television to our favorite Dattaji in the recent Aranyak Natak, Agambai Sasubai. Working tirelessly till the age of 83, the elevated voice makes us fall in love with the personality of Dattaji.

My introduction to them is as new as ever. Even 2-3 years ago. His wife was admitted to Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital. Coincidentally, my mother had to be admitted upstairs. Even at this age, he was alone in serving his companion day and night. Carrying food for her from the hospital canteen with a stick in one hand. She would sit at a table alone for hours, worried.

His fan in me woke up. My brother and I went to him and introduced ourselves, and we had a few minutes of formal chat.

Both used to be in the hospital. As a human being, I asked him about the meal and with the authority of a relationship that was formed in a very short time, I said, Ravi kaka, I will come with my mother for both of you but every day with a lunch box. No, yes, my love was accepted and a new father-son relationship began.

Even after being discharged from the hospital, the relationship remained intact for one reason or another. The contact continued, as he was living in Thane, he used to call for work in Pune. When the work was done, I used to appreciate it as a father.

A few months later, our contact continued. Will I be the chief guest at one of my social events? He asked a little hesitantly and commented on the honorarium.

Your program is my program, should I take honorarium from you? Somewhat loving rage spoke abruptly. I came to Pune from Mumbai alone for the January 26 event, attended the event and raised our profile. Such a great artist, age 83, has come so far with such a struggle, just for the given word. What else is humanity? The words are frozen. This honor bestowed on a common man speaks volumes about his greatness. A heartfelt tribute to this great artist, his loving father.

- Mandar Rede

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