07 Dec, 12:41 AM
Crowds to buy tickets for plays
- Rajendrakrishan kapse

Actor Prashant Damle and actress Kavita Lad distributed it to the first audience
The curtain on the commercial theater in Pune will open in nine months after the Corona era. The play starring Prashant Damle and Kavita Lad in the play "Eka Lagnachi Pudchi Goshta" will be screened in Pune on December 12. Tickets went on sale at the theaters in Kothrud, Shivajinagar and Chinchwad on Sunday (Jan. 6).
Ticket sales began with the first spectator in the queue breaking a coconut. Tickets were given to the first spectators at all three places by Damle and Lad. All the tickets for the experiment at the Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagriha in Kothrud were sold out. Online ticket sales are on. The response at Balgandharva and More Hall has also been higher than expected. Meanwhile, Damle and Lad were felicitated on behalf of Punekar Rasik and Samvad Pune Natya Sanstha. Sunil Mahajan, Sameer Hampi and Praveen Barve were present on the occasion.

Demanding theaters have been cleaned up since the Corona period. Theater sanitation will be done before each experiment. The temperature of the spectators will be checked and the toilets will be cleaned. The adjoining chair will be empty while watching the play to bridge the social gap.
-According to Sunil, Cultural Center, Manager Municipal Corporation

Theater and seating capacity
Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagriha- 892
Balgandharva Rangmandir- 990
Ramakrishna More Auditorium- 1100

There has been a strong response from both sides to the play's first experiment since unlock. Now our responsibility has also increased. I have done this experiment as much as I did the first experiment. It is our responsibility to entertain you as you come to the theater as healthy. We are also going to present a live play after nine months. We are also curious about this.
- Prashant Damle, actor
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