Sandip Jagdale
07 Dec, 11:26 AM
The city identity of bicycles fell behind .... read

If we want to regain the identity of Pune, the city of bicycles that has been erased in the course of time, then building a cycle track alone will not be useful. There is no point in dreaming that Punekars will leave their bikes and start using bicycles as soon as the track is built. It is necessary to educate the citizens about the need to use bicycles and to build cycle tracks in a safe and scientific manner. Today, if you go out on a bicycle, you will ask, "Where is the bicycle track?" This question will not go unanswered. It is a great shame for the administration that you would prefer to leave the cycle track and ride a bicycle on the road. Officials and people's representatives did not feel the need to explain why this cycle track experiment failed. The cycle track has failed in most places in the eyes of Punekars.

The road required for cycling must be smooth. It had to have a concrete or asphalt surface. Currently most of the cycle tracks are constructed in interlocking paver blocks. It also has a lot of pits. It is natural to be afraid of falling while cycling on it. The width of the cycle track is not the same everywhere, sometimes it disappears in the middle of the track. There are no two-wheeled automatic vehicles on this track. Since the cycle track and the sidewalk are built side by side and at the same level, the pedestrians can easily get on the cycle track. Even after the peddlers sit on the sidewalk, the customers who come to them stand on the cycle track.

Under the Smart Pune scheme, the Municipal Corporation has introduced a scheme to provide bicycles for rent to the citizens. But she failed. If efficient public transport options were available in Pune at the right time, then perhaps bicycles also have a future. Today, unfortunately, that is not the case. The rulers and administrators have not made Pune fit for cycling. That is why Punekars have found their alternatives. They cannot be blamed one hundred percent for that.

Now, if we want to reverse this cycle, we have to make a conscious effort. There is no point in dreaming that the love of bicycles will automatically form in the minds of Punekars by building unscientific cycle tracks. For this, awareness should be created among the people. In the same way, the cycle path should be made passable. Today, there is a situation where not even one and a half thousand people ride bicycles on a cycle track of one hundred and fifty kilometers every day. If it is to change, sincere efforts are required.

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