Sandip Jagdale
07 Dec, 12:54 PM
Hadapsarkar suffers due to unruly rickshaw traffic

Two-wheelers without helmets and two-wheelers without masks and four-wheelers without seat belts are on the radar of the traffic police. Action is being taken by the police to ensure that the traffic rules are followed and disciplined. Citizens, on the other hand, have been harassed by unscrupulous rickshaw pullers who park awkward rickshaws on the road, stop rickshaws in the middle of the road and release passengers, and carry more passengers than their capacity. Therefore, there is a demand to take action against these unruly rickshaw pullers just like two-wheelers without helmets.

Citizen Shankar Pawar said that often unruly rickshaw pullers park their rickshaws in such a way that it will obstruct the traffic; Also, their encroachment has increased at the bus stop. Rickshaws suddenly stop on the road to drop off passengers. This is obstructing other motorists on the road. Rickshaws are parked near the bus stop. Therefore, PMP buses carry passengers only on the main road. The growing number of unauthorized rickshaw stops and the gangsterism of rickshaw pullers are adding to this. Passengers and bus drivers always have to suffer from this. Will the transport department take action against these unruly rickshaw drivers? Such a question is being raised by angry citizens.

Citizen Kavita Bhave said that there has been an increase in the number of unruly rickshaw pullers in and around the PMP bus stand at Gadital. Since the bus service started, they suddenly park their rickshaws in crowded places to get passengers. This creates a huge traffic jam problem. Accidents also happen. Even when these types of things happen in the eyes of the traffic police, they only take on the role of watchdog.

Priyanka Devrukhkar said that the bus stand in the area has been cordoned off by rickshaw pullers and the situation is similar at bus stands in different parts of the state. So the bus driver does not see the passengers standing at the bus stop. Therefore, the bus is run smoothly by trampling on the rules. Therefore, passengers have to travel by shared rickshaw with Nilaja. Bus drivers and rickshaw pullers who behave in an unauthorized manner must be disciplined.

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