Sandip Jagdale
07 Dec, 1:33 PM
Magarpatta road dangerous for pedestrians
The suffocating Magarpatta road, potholes and sidewalks that have disappeared due to encroachments make pedestrians, especially students, cross the road regardless of their lives. In most places, pedestrians leave the zebra crossing and cross the road somewhere in between. Such a 'shortcut' is proving to be fatal for them. Therefore, there is a demand from the citizens to take necessary measures for pedestrians on the road.
Pedestrian Naresh Shah said that due to speeding, unruly vehicles coming from the opposite direction, accidents are frequently taking place at the intersection on this route. Students and parents cross the road holding hands. No one has control over the unruly traffic here. It has become a hassle for senior citizens to cross the road.
Resident Savita More said that in many parts of the city, crossing the road has become a game of life and death. It takes at least 10 minutes to cross any of the main roads in the city and even after that even 25 steps can be guaranteed to be walked safely. Stepping out of the house, the Punekars have to constantly race through obstacles to get to Ipsit.

These are the necessary measures
- To make subway in front of South Mengate and Season Mall
- Drawing zebra crossing stripes where necessary.
- Action should be taken against careless drivers.
- Full time traffic police should be appointed in all the intersections.
- Remove the distance of the footpath.
- Pedestrian crossings should be removed
Tags: Traffic
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