Sandip Jagdale
07 Dec, 2:13 PM
Don't cross the railway line ... life is in danger

Crossing the railroad is a crime. However, many travelers cross the railways without any danger, endangering their lives. There have been many incidents in the past where people have lost their lives due to not seeing the oncoming vehicle. But even though crossing the railway line is dangerous, passengers often take it as a shortcut. Ghorpadi to Kalepadal has the highest number of deaths due to train collisions. If many Mahabhags have stopped at a freight train or a railway signal, the shocking picture of crossing the railway line under the train carriage till it leaves can be seen on the Pune-Miraj railway line. To him, along with the railway administration, we citizens are also more responsible. This risk can be reduced by installing protective walls or nets in some places on behalf of the railway department in crowded places. While inspecting the railway tracks at Kalepadal, Ramtekdi, citizens are sometimes seen crossing the railway tracks with children in their arms and heavy luggage. After that, college and school students play a major role in crossing the railway line. It is their custom to wear headphones and cross the rails. Therefore, the buzzer of the train does not reach their ears. One of the students had to lose his life due to this recently at Ramtekdi. Also, many have died while crossing the railways. But without learning a lesson from this, citizens are seen crossing the railways dangerously.

Tags: People
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