Devyani Edlabadkar
07 Dec, 5:16 PM
Stories behind the Stage!

2. Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir

Everyone knows about Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir but do you know the story of how the legendary actor/singer and the auditorium got its name?

Back in the 19th century, women were not allowed to perform on stage. Narayan Shripad Rajhans, known as Bal Gandharva, was famous for his roles in female characters. At one such performance, the great social reformer Lokmanya Tilak was present. After the show, he reportedly patted Rajhans on his back and said that Narayan is Bal Gandharva (Young Gandharva)

Gandharva, a title held in high regard in classical music, means court musicians of Indra or someone who is a skilled singer. That is how Rajhans became Bal Gandharva.

Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir was built in 1968 by Pune Corporation with the initiative of a fan of Bal Gandharva, Pu. La. Deshpande.

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