Dilip Kurhade
08 Dec, 6:34 AM
Begging is not a business, begging a crime by law

The number of beggars is increasing day by day in every corner of the city. This is a social problem of beggars, the administration is facing the question of how to rehabilitate them. The problem of rehabilitation of beggars is exacerbated as the state Commissionerate for Women and Child Development also has limitations under the Social Security Act.

Begging is a crime by law. So the beggars in the city are caught by the police and brought to court. The court keeps them in the begging center for one to five years for violating the law. During this time, they are given vocational training and work to 'improve and rehabilitate' them. These include broom, snoring, sewing, farming, nursery etc. In return for this work, they are paid only five rupees a month. NGOs are facing the question of how they will be rehabilitated with this meager amount of money.

Many people in the city beg as a business. Some are motivated to beg. Many migrant families from other parts of the country are seen begging in the city areas. They include small children. Therefore, the Right to Education Act, all education campaigns remain only on paper. The big problem of their rehabilitation is facing the administration here. A police station - wise squad will be formed in the city to take action against the beggars. However, the organizations are of the view that there is a need to take permanent measures and not just take action.

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