Dilip Kurhade
08 Dec, 7:37 AM
Waiting list for 'Paithani' made by prisoners

Paithani, who is being held at Yerawada Central Jail, has a waiting list. The most popular 'Paithani' sari for women is priced below the market price at the prison sales center. Therefore, the sales of 'Paithani' sarees have improved in the last three years, said Inspector General of Prisons Sunil Ramanand.

Inmates at Yerawada Central Jail are busy making handkerchiefs. It takes these prisoners two months to make a sari. For ‘Paithani’ there is a trainer to guide the color matching, the pattern. There is a big difference between the price of paithani available in textile shops in the city and the price of paithani in prisons. ‘Paithani’ is in great demand at the prison sales center. So a waiting list of women buying paithani has been created.

The prison department will buy five more handlooms. The price of a handloom is twenty to twenty five thousand rupees. But it takes skill to make paithani. For this, prisoners will be trained to make paithani. A handloom woman will be kept in jail. After that, women prisoners will also be able to make 'Paithani' sarees. Therefore, six paithani sarees will be produced in a month and 72 paithani sarees in a year, said Ramanand.

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