Sandip Jagdale
08 Dec, 1:05 PM
Nepali, Tibetan and Himachali blankets filed in Pune

Sellers of sweaters and other warm clothes from Nepali, Tibetan and Himachal Pradesh have arrived in Hadapsar to meet the demand of the people for warm clothes. Consumers seem to be more inclined to buy warm clothes from these vendors than branded warm clothes. As a result, the crowd of customers has started increasing in the afternoon and evening.

The vendors have set up warm clothes stalls on Solapur and Saswad roads. There are many varieties of sweaters, hats, mufflers, earrings, jerkins, sweaters for children, gloves, socks, socks for women and a wide variety of attractive designs of blankets in different sizes for everyone. All these garments are arranged in a very attractive style and the prices of sweaters and similar warm clothes range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 depending on the quality of the wool, ladies sweaters from Rs. 180 to Rs.

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